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Safety at Tolley Electric

At Tolley Electric, workplace safety/employee health is one of our highest priorities.

It is our policy to provide a safe and healthful working environment and to operate at the highest possible levels of safety and health.

A complete and concise Safety and Health Management Program Manual (also known as an Injury and Illness Prevention Program or I2P2) is maintained and is a critical component of safety and health management. This document is a tool that facilitates planning, implementation, continuing operation, and effective management of the occupational safety and health for all operations. This document provides a standard format for all safety and health procedures, to measure progress, and provide program continuity. Additionally, this document organizes and targets VOSH regulations and policies that affect Tolley and provides a framework that can be used by all staff to track performance and maintain compliance.

Tolley Electric is following all CDC and VOSH guidelines and safety practices concerning Covid-19.